Dr. James Long

James Long is a pastor, teacher, and counselor. He is passionate about the gospel of God's amazing grace to us in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

James was born in New Jersey. He attended several Christian schools in New Jersey and was in the youth ministry at Brookdale Baptist Church.

James attended Northeastern Bible College (now part of The Kings College of New York.) He majored in Bible and Counseling. He received several degrees while at the school. He went on to New York University to receive his MSW degree. He also received his Doctorate of Theology degree from Masters College. He is currently a PhD candidate in Human Services.

Throughout his life, James has served in several churches as a pastor or elder. He has been a faculty member at several colleges including Caldwell University of Caldwell, NJ. 

James is currently a full-time faculty member at Nyack College. James also serves as the Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship at The Chapel at Warren Valley of Washington, NJ. 

James began his counseling ministry in 1992.

James is a frequent speaker conference and retreat speaker. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children.

- Dr. James A. Long